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1. Newsletter - sign-up & keep informed

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2. sign our petition opposing the development

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The petition will be sent to Mid Sussex District Council at the end of the ongoing public consultation period for the planning application - detailed below.

3. Object to PLanning application

Fairfax submitted a planning application on 10th February 2020. Planning reference DM/20/0559.  Click here to see application

The deadline to register your objection to the development with Mid Sussex District Council is 6th April 2020.

Please see attached guide (click on pdf icon below) to help you write an effective objection letter. Please don't cut and paste and try and put into your own words; furthermore, please include reference to where the application doesn't conform with planning  policy and highlight the issues that are important to you.


4. site allocation process- public consultation spring 2020 

MSDC have prepared a draft Site Allocations Document which identifies new housing sites that are required to fulfill the District Plan's new housing quota up to the end of the plan period in 2031. Haywards Heath Golf Course is being promoted for residential development as part of this process. 

At present Haywards Heath Golf Course has not been chosen as one of the 22 sites that will provide another 1,962 new homes up to the end of 2031.  However, this decision is not set in stone and the process is ongoing until the Site Allocation Document is approved by a Planning Inspector in summer of 2020.


The first public consultation (Regulation 18) has concluded but the outcome of the various representations made by landowners, developers and the general public will not be known until a revised list ("pre-submission list") is published prior to the next public consultation (Regulation 19) in Spring 2020.


The "pre-submission list" of sites may include the Golf Course. As such it is important we continue to make our views known in support of excluding the Golf Course.  We may need your help by asking you to write in to demonstrate your opposition.  Please register your email address with our campaign by signing up for our newsletter on our contact page of our website and at the appropriate time we will email you with what is required.

5. Can you make a small donation to the campaign?

Thanks to your help we have already raised our initial target of £750 to cover campaign costs (website, flyers etc). We are now raising our target to £5,000 to help towards the cost of retaining a planning consultant, which is estimated to cost in the region of £14,500. The campaign has a number of major benefactors but it would be much appreciated by them if the cost could be shared with other local residents.

Please give whatever you can afford, however small, it all helps!

In the unlikely event we have a small surplus left at the end of the campaign we will donate it to a local charity.

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