Loss of of Beautiful Lindfield Countrside

Pressure on local services


Haywards Heath Golf Course has numerous public footpaths offering the chance to enjoy the beautiful setting. This would undoubtedly be affected by any new development.


It also sets a dangerous precedent that developers could exploit leading to further losses of precious countryside.

Green spaces has been shown to have a positive effect on mental health:

Pressure on local services such as doctor's surgeries, hospital, train services, car parking, school places etc.

traffic / Highways issues


Increased traffic and concerns over road safety. High Beech Lane is already a very busy road.

flood risk

Approximately 10 years of a vast building site and associated disruption and noise.

scale & size

Inceased flooding risks - this is a photo taken in May 2018 following heavy rainfall at the junction of High Beech Lane and By Sunte.

Size & density of development - similar scale to that of Bolnore village in Haywards Heath.