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Lindfield Life Article

See recent article written by campaign team members Sarah Munday and Liz Evans:

We, along with a growing number of local residents, are concerned about a proposal to develop the countryside at Haywards Heath Golf Club on High Beech Lane in Lindfield. To this end we have set up a website and Facebook page to keep locals updated.

Local developer, Fairfax, proposes to acquire 100 acres of land comprising Haywards Heath Golf Course, and relocate the Golf Club to an extended and improved Lindfield Golf Club.

Whilst a planning application has yet to be submitted, it is understood that Fairfax proposes building 1,100 new homes on the site.

Fairfax have already started the initial planning preparation work by submitting a Scoping Opinion to confirm the contents of an Environmental Statement that is required for an Outline planning application. See Mid Sussex Online Planning register and search using the reference: DM/18/0992.

We understand Fairfax is planning to submit an Outline Planning Application during the next six months and could have consent by Spring 2019.

As Lindfield residents we have a number of serious concerns with a development of this size, as it will have a huge impact on the local area. We are particularly concerned at the loss of beautiful Lindfield countryside and fear this would set a dangerous precedent that developers could exploit leading to further losses of greenfield land in the future. This development is similar in scale to that of Bolnore Village, which we believe is too large for Lindfield and will change the nature and feel of our village. It will lead to increased pressure on local services, which are already stretched. Whilst developers usually make financial contributions to the provision of new services, it is rarely sufficient to meet the new increases in demand (and that is before one considers the difficulty of securing a seat on the train or a parking space at the station for commuters).

We are also concerned about the impact the development will have on highways. High Beech Lane and the surrounding roads appear to lack the capacity to deal with such an increased volume of traffic, and it will certainly transform the character and environment of Lindfield and its surrounds. Find out more at the following website:

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